Excavation work can be dangerous because it involves removing large quantities of rock, earth and other heavy materials, so it’s important to use an excavation contractor who knows what they’re doing. Whether you need an excavator for a small job or an extensive contractor project, choose an excavation contractor that has the right training, experience and equipment to safely get the job done and the reputation of completing tasks on time and cost-effectively.

1. Training and Experience

There are no substitutes for training, experience and industry-specific knowledge. Site excavation is a complicated process. You need a company with years of industry experience that’s fully aware of the numerous problems that can occur and is equipped to promptly resolve any complications that arise. Earth and rock excavation provides the foundation for your entire construction project, so you also need an excavation contractor with a solid reputation for using appropriate safety measures. Earthworkz has over 20 years of experience between its principal owners and has been a trusted source since 2009 for clients needing reliable excavation contractors for a wide variety of projects.

2. Excavation Equipment and Capabilities

Determining the quality of the equipment assists you in your assessment of the level of service you’ll receive. Without the proper excavation equipment, even the most qualified contractors aren’t capable of excavating in a safe and effective manner. Not all excavators are equally equipped to tackle jobs of any size or use the most advanced excavation equipment. You need a company that takes pride in carefully maintaining the most up-to-date equipment to ensure it operates at peak performance and enhances the quality of their work. Earthworkz utilizes specialized tools, advanced techniques and extensive experience to execute a precise, professional excavation every time.

3. Competitive Pricing

While you should never choose an excavation contractor strictly based on cost, your budget makes this issue an important consideration. Look for excavation contractors with affordable rates, but don’t be swayed by prices that are drastically lower than others. Companies promising much lower rates than their competitors likely take shortcuts, such as using poorly made or maintained equipment and cheap materials, to keep costs down. Earthworkz offers reasonably priced excavations by combining fair pricing with the expertise to get jobs done correctly the first time without costly setbacks.

4. On Time and On Budget

Even when you’re getting competitive pricing, it won’t mean anything if the job runs over budget or isn’t completed on time. Years of industry experience helps an excavation contractor to identify potential problems before they arise, ensuring the project doesn’t get bogged down with issues that throw off the completion schedule. Earthworkz’s highly trained and experienced team knows the solutions that save time and money to deliver high-quality, cost-effective results no matter the size of your project.

5. Reputation

One of the most significant things to explore is the company’s reputation. Trusted companies have strong local connections with numerous testimonials and good reviews from several sources. You need a company that’s reliable and honest and capable of providing references from recent clients. Ask past customers to provide details about their level of satisfaction with the company. You can also search online for ratings and reviews, but keep in mind that online testimonials aren’t always accurate.

Whether you need directional boring, vacuum excavation, rock excavation, site electrical excavation, trenching, utility locating or plowing, Earthworkz has the right equipment and skill set for the job. Customers continually choose our excavation contractor services over our competitors because we’re one of the most respected contractors in the greater Kansas City area. Contact us at 816-625-1254 to schedule a consultation today.