If you want to save time and money installing utility lines in a new location, consider horizontal directional drilling. Not only does it enhance the quality of those services, but it helps you save time and money with minimal impact on the environment. This guide offers all the details you need to know about horizontal directional drilling.  

Earthworkz Construction is a leading horizontal directional drilling contractor in Kansas City. No project is too small or large for us, and we’re happy to offer you a solution to your drilling needs.

What Is Horizontal Directional Drilling?

Horizontal drilling is a way to install pipes, conduits and cables without digging a trench in the ground. This method is also referred to as directional boring. Because horizontal drilling can be used to support a wide range of materials, including PVC pipes, fiber optic cables, iron and steel, it’s commonly used to install new utility lines when contractors need to avoid obstacles such as bodies of water, roads and other existing infrastructure.  

What Is the Process for Directional Boring?

The process begins with drilling a pilot hole, which is then expanded so a boring machine can be lowered into the enlarged hole. The drill head deploys a drill bit that follows a path that avoids existing underground utilities and resurfaces at the desired endpoint. This process will work under most soil conditions, but it’s important to evaluate the terrain to make sure horizontal drilling is appropriate. 

Earthworkz is able to take on almost any terrain, including hard rock and gravel. We use advanced methods that reduce the time of your project and allow you to work seamlessly without disturbing your surroundings.

What Are the Benefits of Horizontal Directional Drilling?

There are several advantages to using trenchless technology to drill new utility lines: 

Saves Money

  • A directional drill can lower costs by saving your business time and money on digging a trench and navigating obstacles that are in the way. 
  • There’s no trench to fill once your line has been connected, reducing the costs associated with filling trenches.

Saves Time

  • You don’t need to spend additional time filling in a trench after installing your new utility lines.  
  • It allows you to quickly establish new utility lines when existing utilities don’t run close enough to your site.  

Good for the Environment

  • It makes the installation of structures such as a conduit possible without disturbing the ground or doing damage to the environment.  
  • Drilling fluid is easily recovered during the process to reduce waste and environmental impact.  

Horizontal directional drilling also allows you to avoid disrupting traffic and exposing your crew to road hazards when you’re completing your project, since you’re able to drill beneath roads, waterways, railroads and rivers.

Is Directional Boring Safe?

Directional boring is considered much safer than the traditional method of digging a trench before installing a new line. Your project is also safer for the environment because trenchless technology reduces the chance of environmental disasters and accidents involving existing utility lines. This safety advantage is compounded when you’re working in urban environments with a lot of existing structures and existing lines that need to be avoided. 

Why Trenchless Installation Is the Path of the Future

Depending on your settings, horizontal directional drilling can be a game changer. After creating a borehole at the entrance and exit of your line, a larger cutting tool can guide the cutting head underground and make as many turns as needed to reach your destination. When using the trench method, you’re required to create a path that avoids surface obstacles, but trenchless technology allows you to create a more direct route by drilling under most of the structures in your way.  

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