Directional boring, also called horizontal directional drilling, is a method used in trenchless excavation. Earthworkz Construction is a full-service directional boring contractor with the ability to meet all your specific requirements. We offer directional boring in Kansas City and surrounding areas for a wide array of construction needs. Our areas of expertise include boring for water, sewer, gas, power and fiber optic utility installation, as well as steel casing bores and on-grade bores. If you need it drilled, there’s no job we can’t get done.

Why Use Directional Boring?

Open cut or trenching has traditionally been the most common way to install, connect or repair utilities, but trenching has its limitations. When you need to run utilities from point A to point B but you don’t want to tear up an existing road, directional boring is your answer.

Earthworkz directional boring services lets you connect to utilities and other services in places that make trenching impossible. Our professional directional boring equipment and techniques let us drill along a bore path that runs underneath obstacles, including roads, sidewalks, railway crossings, rivers, lakes and existing structures. This enables you to install new cables, pipes or conduit — or replace existing ones — at a rapid rate and get from one point to another without damaging the existing road, structure or other obstacle in between.

Earthworkz uses the best drilling equipment which provides us with the ability to install a product ranging from 1 inch to 24 inches in diameter and across areas ranging from small road crossings to 1,000 feet in a single bore. We have the right tools and training to handle any situation, including hard rock, in projects large and small. When you want minimal damage to your existing ground or structures, our directional boring methods are exactly what you need.

Benefits of Directional Boring

Tearing up streets, roads and sidewalks to get to existing infrastructure or install new utility services incurs enormous restoration costs. Directional boring leaves your roads intact and offers numerous other benefits, including:

  • Reducing soil disturbance
  • Reducing fractures to existing rock formations
  • Using a single location to install different pipes
  • Reducing groundwater contamination
  • Protecting the ecosystem
  • Providing safer operation over open cut methods
  • Reducing excavation and shoring costs
  • Limiting traffic disruption
  • Preventing weather from directly impacting excavation

Directional Boring Experts in Kansas City

Earthworkz remains one of the top directional drilling contractors and utility infrastructure companies in the greater Kansas City area. Our customers choose our services over our competitors because we’re one of the most respected directional boring contractors in the region. Our expert construction services range from small jobs to extensive excavation contractor projects. Regardless of your task, whether it be dirt or solid rock, we have the right equipment and skillset to drill it and get the job done. Contact us at 816-355-0280 to schedule a consultation today.