When rocks, boulders or cemented materials get in the way of your construction, you need reliable rock excavation to get your project back on track. Earthworkz Construction is a full-service contractor offering the best dirt and rock excavation in the greater Kansas City area. There’s no substitute for training and experience. Our principal owners have over 20 years of experience between them, which is why we’ve been the trusted source for rock excavation since our inception in 2009. Whether you have a small task or extensive contractor project, we have the right equipment and skillset for the job. Some construction companies who do directional boring aren’t prepared to deal with rocks, but we’re ready and able to tackle all your rock excavation needs.

Difficulty of Rock Excavation in Kansas City

Rock can consist of sandstone, limestone, granite or similar materials and be found in solid beds or stratified layers or as large boulders. Rock excavation is extremely challenging and is more time consuming and more expensive than soil excavation. It involves removing boulders, rock fragments larger than one cubic yard or cemented or compacted materials that require the use of ripping and excavating equipment larger than the equipment commonly used in excavation work. Special tools, often referred to as ground engaging tools, are required. We use every mechanical mean and the best techniques to break and remove rocks that stand in your way.

Rock, unlike soil, is too hard to simply excavate. The exact procedure to excavate rock differs depending on the strength of the rock, the job site’s proximity to other structures and other factors. During rock excavation, we often utilize rock boring or hammering. In certain situations, we use rock saws or excavators. Rock saws cut any type of rock, asphalt or reinforced concrete. We may also pneumatic hammers and tooling for our rock drilling equipment. When soil conditions change, our experienced team of reliable contractors cater our services to your needs to successfully dig you out of any situation.

Choosing a Rock Excavation Company

Rock excavation requires experience, skill and attention to detail because it creates the foundation for your entire construction project. It’s vital to choose an excavation company with a solid reputation for putting the appropriate safety measures in place and that can deliver high-quality, cost-effective results, no matter the task. Earthworkz utilizes specialized tools, advanced techniques and extensive experience to execute a precise, professional and reasonably priced excavation every time.

Rock Excavation Experts in Kansas City

If you have rock problems, Earthworkz is your solution. Simple excavation can remove soil, but for rock, you need our powerful tools and techniques to get the job done. We thrive in ground conditions that other contractors avoid or are ill-prepared to handle. Whether it’s hard rock or soft rock, rippable or non-rippable, we have the right equipment and experience to take care of your excavation needs. Contact us at 816-355-0280 to discuss or schedule your rock excavation in and around the Kansas City area today.