Earthworkz’ Hydro vacuum excavation services in Kansas City utilizes high-pressure water and industrial vacuuming to loosen soil and dig a hole, which is often used to uncover underground utilities. Using water during excavation reduces the soil’s holding strength, making it easier to break up the soil and easily suction it away. This method is faster than air excavation and is considered to be the most efficient.

Why Vacuum Excavation?

Vacuum excavation, also referred to as soft excavation, digs with equipment that uses high-pressure water or air to break apart material and precisely control excavation. Spoil from the excavation is sucked out through a vacuum hose, and then deposited into a debris tank to be disposed of later. Vacuum excavation is the safest, least invasive method for locating utilities. It’s also fast and efficient and reduces disruption to the public. Workers stay safer on the surface because it can eliminate accidental line damage and trench cave-ins.

Benefits of hydro vacuum excavation include:

  • Requires less manpower
  • Less invasive than traditional excavating
  • Higher precision means fewer disposed materials and less restoration required
  • Cleaner work area and minimal disruption in traffic due to dirt being stored in a tank

Hydro excavation lets your utilities stay intact without worry over puncturing a pipe. This makes it an ideal method in plumbing situations dealing with underground pipelines and sewers.

Vacuum Excavation Expert in Kansas City

When you need a cleaner, more cost-effective way of finding buried utilities, vacuum excavation is the answer. Earthworkz is one of the top vacuum excavation contractors in the greater Kansas City area. Regardless of the task, our experienced excavation contractors have the right equipment and skills to get the job done. Contact us at 816-355-0280 to discuss or schedule your vacuum excavation in and around the Kansas City area today.