When you’re counting on an important construction job being completed on time and on budget, you need a construction contractor that consistently delivers what they promise. The same is true of excavation contractors that often start construction projects by expertly preparing the surface to provide a solid foundation for building. Finding the right excavation contractors is critical to the success of your building project. Ensure your project goes as planned by focusing on the top 10 things that set one company apart from all the rest.

1. Years of Experience

No matter how big or small your project, you can’t afford to trust a subpar construction contractor. Experience brings valuable industry-specific knowledge that ensures quality workmanship and a job done properly from start to finish. Industry experience is especially important for excavation contractors due to all the potential dangers involved in various types of excavation. Always ask your contractor how long they’ve been in business and how many jobs they’ve completed during this time.

2. Has a Positive Reputation

Even if an excavation contractor is highly experienced, it won’t mean a thing if they have a poor reputation among consumers they’ve worked with in the past. Reputation is one of the most significant issues to explore. Trustworthy contractors have strong reputations with good reviews and testimonials from several sources. While you can read online ratings and reviews, don’t rely solely on information that may not be completely truthful or accurate. Request a list of previous clients from any construction contractor you’re considering. Speak with several of these clients and ask them for an honest opinion about their experiences before hiring anyone.

3. Offers Competitive Pricing

While price shouldn’t be the overriding reason you choose one contractor over another, cost is always part of the equation, especially when you have a set budget. It’s generally advised to automatically throw out the lowest bid(s) because any type of construction contractor that bids much lower than the rest likely cuts corners to do so. Accepting a lowball bid to save money usually costs you more in the long run. If the job is completed with shoddy materials or poorly maintained equipment or without appropriate safety measures in place, your build could be an accident waiting to happen.

However, you shouldn’t necessarily go with the highest-priced contractor either. Higher pricing doesn’t mean this company is better. It could be inflating the cost to pad the profit or have higher overhead due to insubstantial vendor contracts. Discard the highest bid(s) along with the lowest, and then compare your remaining bids along with all the other things you should look for in a construction contractor. Choose one with an affordable rate that also meets the rest of your must-have requirements.

4. Ability to Deliver on Budget

No matter the quoted price, you also want a contractor that can deliver for the price quoted. Experienced construction contractors know how to keep a project on budget and anticipate potential problems that might bust the budget. Typically, a contractor adds a little cushion to the bid to cover unforeseen costs. With this built-in wiggle room, your project might actually come in under budget if it goes off without a hitch. Reputable contractors provide detailed bids with every cost clearly outlined, including the percentage added to cover potential overages.

5. Completes Contracts on Time

Staying on budget is crucial, but getting the project done on time is just as important. When comparing construction contractors, don’t just ask for the turnaround time. Good excavation contractors provide comprehensive timelines that detail completion dates for each phase of the project. Reputable contractors provide realistic timelines that identify any potential problems to ensure the project stays on schedule, even if unexpected delays arise. Like lowball bids, be wary of construction contractors that promise too quick a turnaround. They’re likely sacrificing quality for speed to win the job.

6. Provides Employee Training

Shortages in skilled labor can impact the construction industry. It’s important to know the contractor you hire has properly trained employees with the right experience to complete your job safely and effectively. Ask questions about the workers involved in the project, focusing on their industry knowledge, experience and training. Also, ask whether the company provides ongoing training to keep employees’ skills up to date.

When it comes to safety, employees should have plenty of training. Find out if the company provides complete safety training for each new hire and further training as new safety measures arise. Safety training is often overlooked when companies are busy and short-handed, but it’s vital to keep jobsite risk and injuries to a minimum.

7. Follows Safety Protocols and Procedures

Nothing sidelines a project quicker than an accident on the jobsite, so ask about safety training for employees and safety protocols and procedures regarding equipment and the jobsite in general. Earth and rock excavation provide the foundation for your entire construction project, so you need an excavation contractor with a solid reputation for using appropriate safety measures. Examine the contractor’s safety record, including reported occupational injuries required by Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

8. Utilizes Well-Maintained Equipment

Equipment maintenance is an important part of safety protocols. It’s also difficult to get a job done on time and on budget when a construction contractor uses faulty or unreliable equipment. Talk to the contractor about the quality of equipment being used for your project, including scheduled maintenance and upkeep of this equipment. The quality of the equipment says a lot about the contractor and helps you assess the level of service you can expect to receive. Choose a contractor that takes pride in using carefully maintained, up-to-date equipment to ensure peak performance and quality work.

9. Prioritizes Logically

If a contractor markets itself strictly on how fast it can get a job done or how much cheaper it can complete certain tasks, question their priorities. Choose a contractor with the ability to prioritize what’s important. A contractor that emphasizes quality and safety above all else is the one you want. Weed out any company that makes these issues a low priority compared to price and turnaround time.

10. Boasts Good Overall Track Record

Put everything together and find the construction contractor with a solid track record on all counts. An organized, successful contractor can provide an extensive list of client references to prove they have the overall track record you want to see. You can expect excellent customer service, open communication and smoothly run operations when you choose a contractor with a good overall track record in the business.

Experienced Kansas City Excavation Contractors

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