Site Electrical Excavation

Why Use Earthworkz for Your Project

Earthworkz has great working relationships with many Electrical contractors across the KC Metro.  In establishing these relationships, Earthworkz performs many tasks for many different situations. By companies using Earthworkz and their services, it provides many favorable conditions for your company.

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Site Electrical Excavation

Earthworkz Construction is a full-service directional drilling company that wears many hats.  One of those being trenching.  Another place where our family shines is in site utility work for electrical contractors.  Site electrical excavation covers several different areas for both Commercial and residential packages.  Site lighting, primary and secondary electrical feeds, transformer pads, sectionalizers, and pedestals are a few examples of items that we install daily. 

Commercial Electrical Site Utility Packages

On the commercial side of the spectrum, things are a little different but not a lot.  This is also where our family shines!!!! Generally, in commercial electrical packages some are the new ground up sites, but many are retrofits.  With either situation you still have primary’s and secondary’s, transformer pads though now some might be required to be poured in place concrete, sectionalizers, many might require switch gears, and many have site lighting which often require pour in place light pole bases and trenching or boring for conduit installation.  In many cases with commercial trenching specifications require flowable fill or concrete incased conduits under paved areas, or compacted gravel for backfilling your trench and this is another service that Earthworkz provides to help make your site utility package easier to manage.  

Residential Electrical Site Utility Packages

Working in a residential sub development beginning at ground zero and working from the ground up so to speak is one of the many areas where our family shines!!!!  Generally, in a new residential development, water, gas and electrical are the first to the site. In this environment, Earthworkz installs primary and secondary conduit, transformer pads, sectionalizers, stub outs for futures (generally services the new homes), transitions from hdpe for road bores to pvc and conduits range from 2”’s to 4”’s.  These are installed either by trenching or boring, both are Earthworkz Specialties.

Existing Electrical Systems

Upgrading or retrofitting is ideal for older properties having issues with an outdated electrical system that is no longer equipped to handle the electrical needs of the property.  For this sometimes it is just as needing to replace the pathway from the pole to the structure. Earthworkz know how to work with electricians to meet this need so they can continue their project. 

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Finding a directional boring company in Kansas City that can be trusted is a simple task when you contact Earthworkz. Our highly trained and experienced team offers simple solutions that will save you time and money. Contact Earthworkz today with what you need, we can help.


Directional boring, also called horizontal directional drilling, is a method used in trenchless excavation. Earthworkz Construction is a full-service directional boring and excavation contractor with the ability to meet all your specific requirements. Founded in 2009, we have over 20 years of experience between our principal owners, and we offer directional boring in Kansas City and surrounding areas for a wide array of construction needs. Our areas of expertise include boring for water, sewer, gas, power and fiber optic utility installation, as well as steel casing bores and on-grade bores. If you need it drilled, there’s no job we can’t get done. More Info

When rocks, boulders or cemented materials get in the way of your construction, you need reliable rock excavation to get your project back on track. Earthworkz Construction is a full-service contractor offering the best dirt and rock excavation in the greater Kansas City area. There’s no substitute for training and experience. Our principal owners have over 20 years of experience between them, which is why we’ve been the trusted source for rock excavation since our inception in 2009. Whether you have a small task or extensive contractor project, we have the right equipment and skillset for the job. Some construction companies who do directional boring aren’t prepared to deal with rocks, but we’re ready and able to tackle all your rock excavation needs. More Info

Eearthworkz’ Hydro vacuum excavation services in Kansas City utilizes high pressure water and high-speed vacuuming to loosen soil and dig a hole, which is often used to uncover underground utilities. Using water during excavation reduces the soil’s holding strength, making it easier to break up the soil and easily suction it away. This method is faster than air excavation and is considered to be the most efficient, but it doesn’t allow for reusing spoil materials as backfill. More Info